Roman City of Tongobriga - Rota do Românico

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Roman City of Tongobriga

Rua António Correia de Vasconcelos, Freixo, Marco de Canaveses

41.161633, -8.146114

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The Roman structure built in Tongobriga by the Emperor Augustus (63 BC-14 AC) over a fortified camp matured politically, administratively and economically, thus resulting in the creation of a city.
With a classified area of 50 ha, here you may visit the forum, the thermal baths and other public buildings, which turned this civitas into one of the most important political decision centres of the Roman period. After that, you can visit Tongobriga, classified as "Aldeia de Portugal" [“Village of Portugal”], and admire the granite houses, the parish church and the Interpretive Centre. In the end, sample the delicious "Fatias do Freixo"...