Church of Saint Mary of Barrô - Rota do Românico

Built half way on the slope, on the left bank of the Douro, the Church of Barrô, consecrated to Saint Mary, is a late Romanesque building, perhaps founded in the 12th century.

The family of Egas Moniz, the schoolmaster and governor of Afonso Henriques, the first king of Portugal, is credited with its endowment and hypothetical construction or reconstruction, because there are suspicions of a previous temple having stood on this very site.

Without being able to pinpoint a timeline, the edification of the Church lingered in time, because, despite its Romanesque nature, it already shows proto-Gothic elements: the big window, the rosette and the art of the capitals of a plant-related and floral nature.

The symmetrical façade is already marked by the simplicity of the Gothic, only unbalanced by the bell tower, built in the 19th century.

This prefiguring is also perceivable inside through the verticality of the space. Inside, the capitals of the triumphal arch depicting hunting scenes, perhaps an allegory of the struggles between good and evil, are also noteworthy.

From the Baroque period, when Barrô was already an important commendation of the order of Malta, the “Johannine” (1725-1750) altarpiece [main altar] stands out.

The Virgin of the Assumption, which replaced the medieval invocation to Saint Mary, is also an excellent example of Baroque sculpture.

Type: Church

Classification: National Monument - 1922

Route: Douro Valley

1208 - D. Sancha Vermudes donates the patronage of the Church of Barrô to the Hospitallers;

1258 - Pedro Gonçalves mentions that the villa of Barrô had been donated by Egas Moniz to the Monastery of Paço de Sousa (Penafiel);

13th century (2nd half) - Construction of the Church of Barrô;

18th century - Design of most Barrô's liturgical furnishings, including imagery pieces;

1890 - Construction of Barrô's bell tower;

20th Century (2nd half) - Restoration interventions on the Church and its surrounding area;

2010 - Integration of the Church of Saint Mary of Barrô in the Route of the Romanesque;

2018-2019 - Conservation and restoration of altarpieces and sculptures, within the scope of the Route of the Romanesque.

Saint Mary - 15th August

By appointment

Sunday - 8 am

Monument not accessible to visitors with reduced mobility.

+351 255 810 706

+351 918 116 488

How to get here:

41.128996, -7.882612

Rua de Santa Maria de Barrô, Barrô, Resende, Viseu

Northern Portugal: A28/A3/A7/A24/A11 » A4 (Vila Real) » Mesão Frio/Régua » N101 Mesão Frio » Gestaçô » Resende » Rota do Românico/Igreja de Barrô.

Porto: A4 (Vila Real) » Mesão Frio/Régua » N101 Mesão Frio » Gestaçô » Resende » Rota do Românico/Igreja de Barrô.

Central/Southern Portugal: A1 (Porto)/ A29 (V.N. Gaia) » A41 CREP » A4 (Vila Real) » Mesão Frio/Régua » N101 Mesão Frio » Gestaçô » Resende » Rota do Românico/Igreja de Barrô.

Resende : N222 Lamego » Rota do Românico/Igreja de Barrô.

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