Casa dos Lenteirões - Doces do Freixo - Rota do Românico

Casa dos Lenteirões - Doces do Freixo

Av. Futebol Clube do Porto, 1635, Freixo, Marco de Canaveses

41.168108, -8.14805

+351 255 522 180

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Regional pastries with a true historical tradition. They are referenced in 1819, the year when the Casa dos Lenteirões was built in Freixo, Marco de Canaveses. King Luís (r. 1861-1889) always wanted to have them at his banquets. The art of their manufacture has been passed on from generation to generation. In addition to the "Fatias", you may also try the butter biscuits, the rice cakes and other pastries from Freixo.